Deep South Dharma

A Buddhist Community

Based in Oxford, Mississippi, with Offerings Locally and Globally

Now offering both in-person and Zoom support for your meditation practice!


Deep South Dharma is a Buddhist community founded by Christie Bates, a Dharmacharya (Minister) of the Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order, and Jaya Judy Seeley, who was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh into the Order of Interbeing. Rooted in the prose of Theravada and the poetry of Mahayana, Deep South Dharma is also flavored by the spiritual soil of our native Southern United States. We are open and accessible to good-hearted people of any religion or none, whether you are curious about Buddhism or just want support for your contemplative practice. Scroll down to find out all the ways you can connect with us, and send us any questions!


Where to Find Us

We Make It Easy to Connect and Learn More!

Join us locally, online, and via podcast - See details below!

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    Oxford Mindfulness Group!

A New Practice Opportunity

Conscious of those who, like us, are vaccinated and/or masked and ready to practice together again in person, we're meeting Monday evenings at the Edison in Oxford 630-730pm starting May 3rd!

We look forward to meditation, study & discussion. We'll begin with study  of Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante G.

Conscious of those who have been diligent in practicing with us online since early 2020, we continue to support our member/practitioners online during the original Saturday morning meeting time.

Gyan Mudra

     Deep South Dharma Online

Online Practice Group Saturdays!

 Saturdays 10-11am Deep South Dharma Online Practice Group meets weekly for meditation, fellowship, and discussion.

Join us HERE Saturdays at 10am Central

Although we are beginning an Oxford Mindfulness Group in person on Mondays, our Saturday Online Practice Group will continue as long as there's a need! Both groups are appropriate for beginners, experienced practitioners, and the simply curious.

Meditating by the Pool

  The Deep South Dharma Podcast

            Join us Whenever You Like

Stream the Deep South Dharma Podcast for talks, meditations & conversations with people who utilize contemplative practices and principles to make a difference in their communities. This will also keep you aware of our meditation retreats and other events in various locations.

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Spiritual Friends

One Community,  Varied Lineage


Acharya Christine Bates (She/Her/Hers)

Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order

Known for her warmth and ability to "translate" between contemplative traditions, Christie was ordained a Dharmacharya (Minister)  in October 2016 by Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa. Practicing a dedicated contemplative path since 1985, Christie is a contemplative spiritual director, licensed professional counselor in MS and TN, and is the author of Accepting Your Resurrection. Her training has included 11th Step, contemplative Christian, & Buddhist practices, leading to the Dharmacharya Path. Her chief interests are to help bring clarity where there is confusion and to help practitioners learn to be good friends to themselves and to the world. You can hear her on the Deep South Dharma podcast or read her articles on Dharma and well-being at Medium or her publication The Fifth Posture on Medium

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Jaya Judy Seeley

Order of Interbeing

Known as "Auntie Jaya" to the monastic community at Magnolia Grove Monastery in Batesville, our co-founder Jaya Judy Seeley was ordained as a member of the Order of Interbeing by Thich Nhat Hanh. She belongs to the 43rd generation of the Lam Te (Linji) Dhyana School and the 9th generation of the Lieu Quan Dharma Line.
As an experienced leader, adult educator of holistic modalities (including massage and yoga) and Sangha Facilitator, Jaya integrates mind and body as a foundation to Buddhist practice. As a Certified Peer Support Practitioner, she offers deep listening, practice development and guidance in practice skills to people addressing anxiety, depression and trauma. You can learn more about that on her website Spoken Well Oxford.

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