Flowering Lotus Meditation in October!

Flowering Lotus Meditation has generously invited me to offer again the "Meet the Manager" retreat for self-identified White women on October 16-18, 2020. This is an opportunity to face the suffering caused by white supremacist caste systems and ideology, using powerful heart practices taught by the Buddha. These truly transformative practices allow us to face difficult truth and access the heart energy needed to sustain us in appropriate action beyond passing moments of outrage.

Here is a little bit of the feedback from participants in the previous session of this retreat, originally offered via Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center:

"I found the retreat helpful at multiple levels. (It) allowed for an intimacy that created openness and safety to share. It made it feel less like Zoom and more like we were all just sitting together. Your grace and tenderness in the sharing and also teachings felt like a soft invitation to dig a little deeper in not just experiences but an opportunity to think differently." ~ Venerable Sommasihi

"Acharya Christie's ability to guide us into the heart center was effective in offering compassion to both ourselves and to any other. Specific to racism, the other could be both the racially different (or) the ones who hate. Her gentle guidance made accessible all the qualities of the heart. This is how we heal." ~ Venerable Thokathokam

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